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Do you know someone who could use etiquette training? Are you going abroad for business and need to understand the culture that you will be visiting? Have you ever made a blunder in front of a colleague and later realized the consequences? Do your children embarrass you when they are in social settings?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you have found the right place for help. Suzan Bowman can help you address these embarrassing situations. Suzan was trained at the prestigious Protocol School of Washington. She served as the Protocol Officer for the Tennessee Valley Authority and has delivered workshops to executives and managers at all levels to help them maintain a professional image and reputation.


Consultations can be one to one, or in a group setting.


Classes for children are held monthly. Each class covers basic information and experiential instruction for introductions, etiquette, dining skills, and social graces. The class is two hours and ends with a dining experience.



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